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Malaysian Institute Of Planners

The Malaysian Institute of Planners chartered object is “ to promote the science and art of Town Planning for the benefit of the public…” It does this primarily by ensuring the existence of a body of professional planners with the appropriate knowledge, training and skills to promote the advancement of town planning in Malaysia since 1972.

The Malaysian Institute of Planners is a professional institute that is a membership-registered organization. Most of its members are fully qualified professional town planners, working as planning officers with various federal, state and local authorities, as town planning consultants, lecturers in universities or as planners for developers and various organisations with significant land banks.

MIP has since its inception champion and lead progress and change in planning practice, address issues of importance to the planning profession and the public interest and deliver relevant and contemporary benefits and services to its members.

The Institute provides the following core services to its members:

  • Berita Perancang, a quarterly magazine that keeps members up-to-date on current planning issues and topics of interest,
  • Planning Malaysia, a journal on new and innovative Planning Ideas, Thoughts and Knowledge.
  • Planning Excellence Awards,
  • Annual National Convention,
  • Information on professional development and career opportunities.


  • To establish and maintain a Register of members of the Institute comprising of qualified Professionals in the field of town planning
  • To undertake research, programs and projects and assisting organizations and individuals, both locally and internationally in the science and technology of Town and Regional Planning
  • To devise and impose standards of knowledge and skills for persons seeking membership of the Institute
  • To draw up a guideline on the scale of professional charges to be binding on all works and projects undertaken
  • To disseminate information pertaining to Town Planning and to publish such materials as may be appropriate
  • To establish courses and undertake training programmes that are accredited, in the technology of Town and Regional Planning
  • To assist and advise Government, local authorities, public or private bodies in the science of Town and Country Planning, in the best interest of the community
  • To provide facilities for communication and interchange with other professional associations and educational and scientific bodies on matters relating to the practice of Asset Management
  • To carry out any other activity incidental to its function and objectives


Designed by Mr. Chin Wai Yeong

  • It is an inverted form of Ebenezer Howard’s three horse shoe magnets in which the chief advantages of living in the Town and the Country were set forth with the corresponding drawbacks, while the advantage of the Town-Country concept of the Garden City are seen to be free from disadvantages of either. While Ebenezer Howard’s three magnets did not have any circles to bind them together, the MIP logo has the three magnets bound by two circles to reflect the need to marry town and country to give new hope, a new life to a developing Malaysia.


The Malaysian Institute of Planners has come a long way in a very short time. The idea was mooted by the 1971 AGM of the Royal Town Planning Institute (Malaysia Branch), the only body representing the planning profession in the country at that time. It was felt that for an independent country we should have a national planning institute and not be a branch of the Royal Town Planning Institute London.

In conformity to the decision a Protem Committee comprising of Mohd Rosli bin Buyong, Chung Weng Foo, Tan Soo Hai, Chin Wai Yeong and T. Mahesan was elected to draft the constitution for the proposed Institute. This committee met several times at 13, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya which was then the office of Tan Soo Hai.

On the 6th September 1971 at a meeting held at the conference room of the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, Jalan Cenderasari, Kuala Lumpur, the findings of the committee was presented. The 20 members present approved the constitution and elected a Protem Executive Council to legally establish the Pertubuhan under the Akta Pertubuhan 1966. The members of the committee were:

President - Mohd. Rosli bin Buyong

Vice President - Tan Soo Hai

Hon. Secretary - Chung Weng Foo

Council Members - Timothy Lam Thim Fook

Ishak bin Ariffin

Raja Mohd. Ali bin Raja Osman

T. Mahesan

Ong Hong Fong

Application to register the Institute was made in November 1971 and a temporary license to operate the Institute was issued by the Registrar of Society in December 1971. The full certificate was issued on 26th July 1972. It is history after that.

Legitimizing the Profession

We owe a debt to many of our members and to others for help given in steering the Town Planners Act through various levels of the Government. The Act itself was originally initiated by MIP. A draft was prepared in 1973 and discussed at a Special General Meeting held at the conference room at the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, Kuala Lumpur. The amended version was circulated by the then Secretary, Chung Weng Foo to all the MIP members and adopted by the MIP Council on 26th January 1974. This draft Act was then sent to the then Minister of Local Government and Housing, Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui. Twenty-one years later and after countless representation by the Council to the respective Ministers, the Town Planners Act was finally approved by Parliament in 1995.

The distinction of securing the Act is not the doing of any one individual. Every President and Council in the intervening 21 years did much work in paving the way for the event, and much also has depended on the support of the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning and the Ministry of Local Government and Housing. Dato’ (Dr.) Ishak bin Ariff, the Director General of the Department of Town and Country Planning and his successor, Dato’ Zainuddin Muhammad and Dr. Mohamad Nong from the Ministry steered the Act through the National Council of Local Government and the Ministry. Dato’ Anwar Musa a Cabinet Minister at that time and a corporate planner of the institute provided invaluable assistance to ensure a smooth progress of the Act through the Cabinet.


1972 / 73 Haji Mohd. Rosli Buyong

1973 / 74 Haji Mohd. Rosli Buyong

1974 / 75 En. Tan Soo Hai

1975 / 76 En. Tan Soo Hai

1976 / 77 Tuan Hj. Ishak Ariffin

1977 / 78 Tuan Hj. Ishak Ariffin

1978 / 79 En. Mohd. Ahyat Hj. Mohd. Nor

1979 / 80 Haji Mohd. Rosli Buyong

1979 / 80 En. Tan Soo Hai

1980 / 81 En. Tan Soo Hai

1981 / 82 En. Tan Soo Hai

1982 / 83 En. Ho Khong Ming

1983 / 84 En. Ho Khong Ming

1984 / 85 En. Lawrence Chan Kek Tong

1985 / 86 En. Lawrence Chan Kek Tong

1986 / 87 YB Dato’ Mohd. Ishak Hj. Mohd. Arif

1987 / 88 En. Robert Gan Chin Huat

1988 / 89 En. Lawrence Chan Kek Tong

1989 / 90 En. Lawrence Chan Kek Tong

1990 / 91 En. T. Mahesan

1991 / 93 En. T. Mahesan

1993 / 95 En. T. Mahesan

1995 / 97 En. Ho Khong Ming

1997 / 99 Dr. Mohammad Nong

1999 / 2001 Pn. Khairiah Talha

2001 / 2003 Pn. Khairiah Talha

2003 / 2005 Tn. Hj. Mohamad Nazri Jaafar

The Malaysian Institute of Planners
B-01-02, Jalan SS 7/13B
Aman Seri, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : (603) 7877-0637, 7877-0636
Fax: (603) 7877-9636
Website :
Contacts :

Administrative Executive Cik Siti Nor Azmi

Project Executive Mohd Ariffin Ahmad

Project Executive Vacant

Project Executive Vacant


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